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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shuting Down your computer with Right-Click

Today I've learn too much Tips from all friend around the world.
One of them like "How to Shutting down Computer with Right-Click"
Do you know how to do that ?
If no, just follow this several steps :
First Step,
Open Notepad and type -s -f -t 00
Save with Bat extension (.bat) like shutdown.bat in the c:\windows directory.
Second Steps,
1. Open regedit.exe (from Run then type regedit.exe)
2. Look at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT click sign "+".
3. Scroll down and click "+" on Folder.
4. Right-click SHELL, choose New Key.
5. Rename with "shutdown", without "".
6. Then Right-click to shutdown.
7. Choose New, then choose Key.
8. Rename with "command", without "".
Look at the right place
9. Double-click to the "(default)"
10. Fill the data value with "shutdown.bat" without "".
Close Regedit.exe.

After thats all, to test the result like below :
Right-click START menu then choose shutdown.
If there is a window with "Program Not Found",
Let choose Browse and find where you saved file "shutdown.bat".
( Maybe you've save this file in the wrong directory).

Code for restart computer is are -r -f -t 00.

I wish this article will help you.

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