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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Make a Post by Ms. Word 2007

I Just want to try this trick…………

  1. Open Ms. Word 2007
  2. Write your idea or everything you want to post
  3. After wrote, you can choose Publish toolbar and choose Blog
  4. You will see a "Registration Blog Account" window, Click Register Now
  5. In the 'New Blog Account' window, choose your blog provider like "Blogger" or "wordpress", etc
  6. Click Next then type your username and password (if you have registered)
  7. Fill the register form if you don't have registered.
  8. Click Next until you see the success notification
  9. If your blog have been registered, you can choose Publish toolbar and choose "Publish" or "Publish as Draft".
  10. Go to your blog, and you will see your new post.

For Info, I've make this post by Ms Word 2007