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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Several Tips to get Success

I have read from some books about marketing and I know that a customer is a king and of course, service is the number one .
But how to implementation that thing in our blog?
Could it be ? and How to do that?

an Example, sometimes we wrote an article that we think is the best, but the fact, we never and never got a comment from readers. But when you just write a simple posts which you never think it is important, it becomes a popular among your readers.

That is why it is important to understand and to know your readers/ visitors.I believe that every bloggers want to get the High Traffic on the blogs. But, everything need process, skills and times.
Here are several tips for you :

1. Analyze every Comments. Take a time to analyze comment from your readers. In this step, you can know who, what and how about them character. Just try to understand them and in another time you can make a post like what they like and then they could be your regular visitors.

2. Analyze your Popular Posts.
Take a time to know what posts has be a high traffic. Analyze is the posts were simple posts or it is for an advanced users

3. Analyze your Stats Thoroughly.
Yes, check it and you can know the quality of your posts.

4. Analyze Readers Emails
With this step, you can know if you have a topic that failed to address properly in your blog.

5. Analyze your feed count number.
If you do this step, you can know the fluctuation for the feed counts. Here you can to evaluate what topics catch the attention of your readers and what topics turn them down.

I hope this article could be use for all of you. Or maybe someone has try this steps?
I wish when you has try this all, you can tell me the fact you got.

1 comment:

  1. Very good tips. And whenever you have a popular post, be sure and update it to include information about how to subscribe via RSS and how to further promote the post as well.

    ~ Kristi